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Jr Team Golf – June 27, 2020 Results and Pics

First competition of the 2020 Summer Program. Best Ball of Group – Low Gross by Division.
Training theme this week was “Athletic” and the players began to learn how to use their strength, speed, and balance in the golf motion which I call the 1-2-3.
Congratulations to all our players starting to develop their golf athleticism and testing their skills on the golf course today!

Jr Team Golf – June 13, 2020 Results and Pics

Our final competition of the 2020 Spring Program – The JTG Individual Championship – Low Gross by Age Division.
Training theme this week was “Fun” – something that gives us a feeling of joy! We discussed how accomplishing difficult challenges gives one a feeling of joy and that is what makes life fun!
Congratulations to all our players for their efforts today and all during the season and for taking on the challenge of golf and experiencing the fun of the game!…

Jr Team Golf – June 6, 2020 Results and Pics

4th Competition of the Spring Program – Better Ball of Partners Match Play.
Training theme this week was “Enthusiasm” – showing an intense interest or approval for something. We discussed how seeking more info and asking questions was a great way to show your enthusiasm.
Congratulations to all our players for their enthusiasm today and all season in their quest to become better golfers!

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