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Jr Team Golf – July 23, 2016 Results

Today was the 2016 JTG Summer Individual Championship – Low Gross by Age Division. Played on a warm sunny summer day. Our training theme this week was “responsibility”- taking charge and being accountable for your decisions and actions. Congratulations to each of our players for taking responsibility for making improvements to their golf game at training and for taking responsibility for their efforts at today’s competition!!!

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Jr Team Golf


Jr Team Golf – July 16, 2016 Results

Our 4th competition of the Summer Program – Better Ball of Partners Match Play. Our Training theme this week was “focus” – concentration of attention. We practiced a simple pre-shot routine helping players to focus – Stand behind ball, pick your target, move in, aim clubface, set feet, fire, stick the finish!

Congratulations to all our players for their efforts today and their focus!

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Jr Team Golf – July 16, 2016…

Jr Team Golf – July 9, 2016 Results

Our third event this summer season. Team Shamble – Low Gross by Division. Played on a breezy bright summer day.

Training theme this week was “control”. We discussed things young players need to learn to control on the golf course – their focus, controlling their body motions, pace of play, their clubs and golf bag, emotions, frustration.
Congratulations to all our players today for continuing to develop their control!

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