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JTG – September 28, 2013 Better Ball of Partners Match Play

Better Ball of Partners – Match Play. Played on a beautiful early fall day in Pittsburgh. Our Training theme this week was “compete” – to strive for an objective and the objective we focus on is “improvement”.

Great job by our players today for their efforts. They are battling hard and getting better!

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JTG – September 14, 2013 – Results Best Ball of Group

Today’s competition was Best Ball of the Group – Low Gross and Low Net by Division. Played on a cool sunny day. Our training theme this week was “connection” – a physical link and we worked on developing a good connection to the golf club which makes an athletic swing work best. Congratulations to all our players for their efforts today!

Pics of the days Action


JTG – Team Scramble Results – September 7, 2013

Team Scramble. Low Gross by Dvision. First match of the Fall Program-Played on a beautiful late summer day. Training theme this week was “Athletic” – involving physical activity and exertion. Our goal is to simplify the fundamentals of the game so each player is able to maximize their athletic ability.

Congratulations to all our players. They are off to a great start this Fall season!

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