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Jr Team Golf – June 29, 2013 Results – Better Ball of Partners Match Play

Our players battled against each other in what is known as a Four-Ball Match Play.

In match play, each hole is won by the team whose member has the lowest score on that hole, and that team is awarded a point for the hole. If the teams tie for a hole, the point for the hole is divided between the teams. At the end of the match, the team with the most points wins. In the event of a 9 hole …

JTG June 22, 2013 – Results Best Ball of Group

Best Ball of Group – Low Gross and Low Net by Division. Played on a warm summer day under under sunny skies. Our training theme this week was “connection” – helping players make the physical link to the golf club through their hands, their arms, to the generator of power – their body. Congrats to all our players for their efforts!

To see pics of the days action Click Here

JTG June 15, 2013 – Results – Team Scramble

Our first competition of the Summer 2013 JTG Season – Team Scramble Low Gross by Division. Played on a beautiful summer day with a light breeze. We had many new players join us this season and today was for many of them their first time on a golf course. Congratulations to them and all our players for their outstanding efforts!


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