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Jr Team Golf – May 4, 2019 Results and Pics

Our 4th competition of the season – The 2019 JTG Spring Individual Championship – Low Gross by Age Division. Played on a cloudy but mild day. 

Our Training theme this week was “Enthusiasm” -having an intense and excited interest in something. We discussed enthusiasm and the importance of asking questions to show your enthusiasm and increase your knowledge about things you have an interest in.

Congratulations to all our players for their “enthusiasm” at today’s championship!

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Jr Team Golf – April 28, 2018 – Results and Pics

Our third competition of the Spring Program – Better Ball of Partners – Match Play.

Play included rain sun and a cold wind. Golf course in excellent condition.

Training theme this week was “Etiquette” We discussed the main tenets of golf etiquette – respect for the course, the game, and your fellow players.

Congratulations to all our players for their efforts and good etiquette during today’s competition.

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Jr Team Golf – June 25, 2016 Results

Our 2nd competition of the season – Best Ball of the Group – Low Gross by Division. Played on a beautiful sunny Saturday. Golf course in perfect condition.
Training theme this week was “Perseverance” – steady action over a long period of time despite difficulties, obstacles, and frustrations.
Congratulations to all our players for their “Perseverance” during today’s competition!

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Jr Team Golf


Better Ball – Low Gross by Division


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Jr Team Golf – 2015 Programs Open for Registration

2015 will be our 8th Jr Team Golf Season and I have enjoyed helping every player who has participated!

No matter what level the player, our mission is the same – to help each player improve at a difficult game. Golf is a great teacher and I am very proud of all our players past and present.

Many of our players have excelled in competitions outside of Jr Team Golf.

In 2014 – We had many of our Jr Team Golf players competing …

Jr Team Golf – October 18, 2014 Results

Today was the 2014 JTG Fall Invitational – Chapman Alternate Shot – Low Gross by Division. Played on a cold, cloudy, windy, and sometimes light rain kind of fall day with the leaves turning colors and blowing off the trees.

We had field of 106 players that included our players and their guests – fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends. Thank you all for coming!

Our Training theme this week was “fun” – something which provides amusement …

Jr Team Golf – 2013 Dates and Registration

Spring, Summer and Fall Programs. Each is 6 weeks of Training and Competition for Boys and Girls ages 7-17  of all abilities. Jr Team Golf is an investment that will provide a lifetime of returns for your child. Thanks for checking us out and hope you can join us!

Spring         April 9-May 18 More Info

Summer     June 12-July 27 More Info

Fall               Sep 3-Oct 12 More Info

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Summer Program – Sold out..Thanks to all our participants!

Jr Team Golf’s Summer Program starts June 13 and ends July 28 (No Training or Competition wk of July 4th).

April 21 Competition Canceled due to Weather

The rainy weather is socking us in and I have decided to cancel our April 21 competition. We will reschedule for May 26th.

Why Jr Team Golf?

Our 2012 Season is starting soon. Jr Team Golf offers a Spring, Summer, and Fall Program.

Boys and Girls – Age 7-17 – All abilities are welcome to join the fun!

Check us out!

Video on Jr Team Golf 

Jr Team Golf


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