Jr Team Golf


Jr Team Golf – Fall 2017 Program

6 Weeks (Aug 22 – Sep 30)

Training and  6 Competitions Program

Training  Schedule – One session per week at Pine Creek Golf Center –

Tuesday 5-6:30pm (Filled), Wednesday 5-6:30pm (Filled) , or Thurs 5-6:30pm.

You select your training day preference when you register and it will be confirmed prior to program start date.

Competitions – Saturdays starting at 10am. Players assigned Tee time each week.

$390 plus Greens Fees ($10.00) paid to Golf Course day of competitions

(For families with 2 or more players-Price is $340 per player plus Greens Fees)

JTG Training and  3 Competitions Program

This program is perfect for new players who need a bit of training before tackling the golf course. Also suitable for players who might have schedule conflicts.

$310 plus Greens Fees ($10.00) paid to Golf Course day of competitions.

JTG – Competitions Only  6-$210 or 3-$105 plus Greens Fees ($10.00 per competition) paid to Golf Course.

Location Jr Team Golf - Pittsburgh
2379 Duncan Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15101

Jr Team Golf


2379 Duncan Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15101


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