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Advanced Training Programs

Jr Team Golf – Advanced Training Programs

Contact Gregor Meyer     gm@jrteamgolf.com

  • Professional Instructor – Gregor Meyer at Pine Creek Golf Center
  • Small Group Training (6 player limit)
  • Private Training ( Single Player)
  • Semi-Private Training (2-3 Players)

Advanced Training is for boys and girls age 9-17 who have the desire to to improve their skills and take their game to a higher level.

Small Group Programs combine the energy and competitive focus of our JTG Core Group Training in a smaller group with more detailed and personalized instruction. I have more time with each player but it also allows each player the time and swings to work on the advice given so they can take ownership of their swing and build confidence in themselves. Start dates and Times will be posted throughout the year (6 – One Hour Sessions – $210 per player)

Private Training with Gregor Meyer. Some players respond better to one on one training. Private Training affords me the opportunity to get to know the player better and personalize the training program that will help them maximize their abilities in all facets of the game. Private Training is available throughout the year.

  • 30 Minute Session – $50
  • 2.5 Hrs – $225
  • 4 Hrs – $320
  • 6 Hrs – $450

Semi-Private Training (2-3 Players) with Gregor Meyer is another option that can be very beneficial for a player who has the desire to improve. This option can be excellent for a family situation or for a parent who may want to train with their player. In other cases, it may be a good option for two players who are good friends/competitors who benefit from practicing together. Semi-Private Training is available throughout the year. (6 – One Hour Sessions – $240 per player)

Contact me via email if you are interested in Small Group, Private, or Semi-Private Training for your player. We can then begin to discuss the best program for your player.

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